What if a research facility focused on YOUR needs?

At Raytheon, our motto is Customer Success Is Our Mission – and we mean it.

That’s why we opened a 25,000-square-foot technology facility in Downey, California.

The Public Safety Technology Center serves as the focus of the company’s civil communications business in the western United States, providing test and research facilities, customer and first responder training, a maintenance and logistics center, and customer and systems support.

The Center houses five distinct areas:

  • Systems and simulations lab
  • Equipment and systems testing
  • Training, including classrooms
  • Logistics and warehouse depot
  • Team offices

Inside the Center, communications experts from across academia, industry and the public safety community works together to research, develop, test and certify current and future public safety technologies. Now that’s really building tomorrow’s technology for today.


Civil Communications Solutions Ongoing Testing & Training