At Raytheon, we've got your back. We know that when you put your life at risk, you need reliable technology that lets you instantly communicate with other public safety agencies.

We’re defining a new way for you to communicate. Instead of making you fit into our system and products, we tailor an interoperable network to match your needs. With this unique approach, you get to use the equipment you already have, saving you money while giving you exceptional performance.

With a proven legacy of customer commitment, trust Raytheon to deliver interoperable communications that work the first time – and every time.

One Force Mobile Collaboration


Systems Integration

We ensure your system will operate as a truly unified interoperable system. Our solution is based on open architecture, nonproprietary technologies. Raytheon is responsible for the system’s performance; and we will provide maintenance and support.


From firefighters and police officers to paramedics and state troopers, Raytheon takes innovation from the battlefield and places it in the hands of first responders.

For more than 60 years, we’ve been designing, testing and delivering reliable, secure communications technologies for the military. Our systems have excelled in the battlefield, one of the most challenging and grueling environments any product can face.

We’ve now taken that technology and know-how to build the world’s most dependable communications solutions for public safety agencies.

Operable and Interoperable

In the public safety communications field, interoperability means first responders have the ability to talk to whomever they need to, whenever they need to. This approach includes law enforcement, firefighters and emergency medical services – and allows for the seamless exchange of voice, video and/or data information wirelessly on demand and in real time, with proper security authorization.

The difference between operability and interoperability is that operability defines the daily functioning of communications equipment, while interoperability is the ability of these different communications systems to work together. Both are absolutely critical needs of first responders in the field.

Open Architecture System

Raytheon’s commitment to open standards-based interoperability means you get unprecedented freedom of choice to create the right solution for your needs. With an open system, you can use any model of handset and seamlessly integrate new components without dependence on a single vendor’s proprietary equipment or a complete system overhaul. Simply put, you have the power to decide when to replace equipment – not the product manufacturer.

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